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The Killer

One Vicious Hitman. One Fierce Cop. Ten Thousand Bullets.

  • Original Title: 喋血雙雄
  • Released in: 1989
  • Runtime: 110 min.
  • Country: Hong Kong
  • Genres: Action, Crime, Drama, Thriller
  • Rating: 7.6 (222 TMDB votes) / IMDB
  • Plot: Mob assassin Jeffrey is no ordinary hired gun; the best in his business, he views his chosen profession as a calling rather than simply a job. So, when beautiful nightclub chanteuse Jennie is blinded in the crossfire of his most recent hit, Jeffrey chooses to retire after one last job to pay for his unintended victim's sight-restoring operation. But when Jeffrey is double-crossed, he reluctantly joins forces with a rogue policeman to make things right.
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  • Director / Producer: John Woo (Director), Tsui Hark (Producer)
  • Main Actors:
    picture of Chow Yun-fatpicture of Danny Lee Sau-Yinpicture of Sally Yehpicture of Paul Chu Kongpicture of Kenneth Tsangpicture of Shing Fui-Onpicture of Tommy Wongpicture of James Ha
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The Killer movie poster